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"Inspiring people the world over to a new level of thinking about who they are, what they've got, and how to more effectively and successfully present themselves to the world."


Patricia Crane, PH.D.
and Rick Nichols


Heal Your Life® Workshop Leader Certification

October 23 - 30, 2010
San Diego, CA

$400 discount if registered by:
July 28, 2010


Training based on the philosophy of Louise Hay.


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Featured Product

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Learn Conscious Weight Loss Now . . .

Create new habits of self-talk, self-love and self-acceptance to put you on the path to successful, healthy and natural weight loss and maintenance.

Enjoy A Heart Inspired Momentâ„¢
on our warm and inspirational theme sites . . .

Change Inside Out:

Discover the benefits of learning online, at your own pace... to become the person you've always known you can be.

Take our online courses in meditation, creating wealth, affirmation, conscious weight loss, and more... all for one easy, affordable lifetime membership fee.

Messages from the Angels:

Take a moment for a communion with the angels. They will inspire you with a renewed faith that all is well.

Angels are the part of God that appear to us on earth in a way we can understand. The angels constantly tell of joy, peace and love, for that is the only story they have to tell.

Ordering From the Cosmic Kitchen:

Ordering from the Cosmic Kitchen: The Essential Guide to Powerful, Nourishing Affirmations.
by:Patricia Crane, Ph.D.

Learn how to create and use powerful affirmations to improve your life in every way.

Take a Breather

Take a breather at:

Relax and enjoy the peace and beauty of nature, music and art.

This four minute experience will instantly put peace and tranquility into your life, no matter how hectic it has been.


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